South Korean Government Announces Crackdown on Illicit Crypto-Related Transactions in an ‘Overheated Market’

Adding to the South Korean cryptocurrency industry’s stricter regulations, the central government is focusing on the “crackdown” of illegal crypto transactions. A meeting over the week held with high-ranked politicians resulted in a campaign that will soon be deployed. Government Seeks International Help to Monitor International Crypto Exchanges According to Chosun, the South Korean Government […]


Majority of crypto transactions not being traced ⎸CipherTrace

A report published by CipherTrace recently points out that financial institutions can hardly detect the majority of the suspicious crypto transactions In the past two years, banks around the world have flagged a total of 134,500 suspicious transactions involving cryptocurrencies. However, according to blockchain analysis and crypto intelligence firm CipherTrace, this figure barely scratches the […]


Pentagon plans to trace Bitcoin transactions

The Pentagon researches possible tools to trace Bitcoin transactions in an effort to detect criminal activities. Experts at the Pentagon are considering hiring a crypto analytical service to efficiently detect cryptocurrency transactions for fraudulent and criminal purposes. This follows the recent hacking of Twitter, which was a scam aimed at obtaining people’s bitcoin. In a […]