Google Researches Blockchain – Two Research Initiatives Announced

google researches blockchain

Since its foundation, Google has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. It is no secret that the company has grown exponentially not only in numbers but also in products and services offered to the market since its inception. 

Nowadays, Google is everywhere – the OS on your phone, the work internet search engine, your video platform, email service, messaging services – it is almost impossible for everyday users to live without google.

In the last few days, Google has been in the news again thanks to its desire for improvement – more technological innovation, as two research initiatives based on the use of blockchain technologies, have been announced and are currently being developed.

google researches blockchain

Blockchain for user safety

The first project that has been filtered was introduced on March 22nd under the name ‘METHODS AND SYSTEMS OF PERFORMING TAMPER-EVIDENT LOGGING USING BLOCK LATTICES’ and actually uses two blockchains to guarantee a completely secure logging system. According to the patent abstract, the technology uses a blockchain system with a slight added complexity:

“A method of performing tamper-evident logging may include identifying an existing block in a target blockchain, where the existing block is associated with a first signature, and identifying a block of a second blockchain, where the block that is identified is associated with a second signature. The second blockchain is not a part of the target blockchain. The method includes adding a new block to the target blockchain by linking the new block to both the existing block and the block of the second blockchain that is identified by generating a signature for the new block that is based on the first signature and the second signature and associating the signature with the new block. The target blockchain and the second blockchain may be part of a block lattice.”

That is to say, if the use of a blockchain is practically unalterable, the use of two blockchains in parallel gives both users and the company almost absolute certainty that their data will be unchangeable in a world where security is increasingly a key factor for life.

google researches blockchain

A blockchain for a better cloud.

Another area Google is experimenting with the application of blockchain-based services is Google cloud. According to a Bloomberg report, a small division of Alphabet Inc, the company behind Google, is researching on distributed ledger technologies to facilitate users and access to data through the cloud with the certainty that such information will never be lost in case of failures at the central level:

“Like many new technologies, we have individuals in various teams exploring potential uses of blockchain, but it’s way too early for us to speculate about any possible uses or plans,” an unidentified spokesman said.

Other investigations

Previously Google had already announced their interest in the use of blockchain technologies. Two years ago they were looking to provide a better storage system for banking, a sector that Ripple has conquered since its creation thanks to the use of blockchain for payment processing and in which IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon were gaining presence.

Also, according to a CNBC report, Google is also investigating the possibility of using blockchain to improve their Ads system. According to the website, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s senior vice president of ads and commerce, said at the Advertising Week Europe conference in London when asked about the use of blockchain in his area :

“I think there is a lot of promise in things like that. Blockchain as a recording technology also has promise. It is super early for us to say whether they are going to become products just yet. We are actively looking at it. We don’t have any product announcements to make on this front.”

At the moment it is can be assumed that the technology is still under development, but safe to say that Google has a significant investment in blockchain research. Google’s technological advances have always shaped the future, and if the guys behind Google promote the use of blockchain to achieve their goals, such actions could give the industry the legitimacy needed to get the momentum it deserves.

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