Chainlink (LINK) Still Looks Good Despite Loss of Upward Momentum

Chainlink (LINK) has been one of the fastest-rallying coins over recent weeks.

The leading Ethereum-based cryptocurrency underwent a strong bounce from its $ 7.75 lows to a recent high just shy of $ 12. This meant that from the lows, Chainlink gained over 45%, making it one of the top-performing coins from the September lows.

LINK has dropped slightly from its highs. The Chainlink still has upside from here despite the loss of upward momentum. Key trends showing this include strong futures trends and a negative funding rate, which suggests that shorts could be squeezed from here.

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Chainlink Set to Move Higher, Analysts Say

Chainlink is set to move higher in the days ahead as futures and technical trends suggest the trend remains positive.

One crypto-asset trader recently shared the chart below, which shows that even after the slight correction, LINK sits above three technical levels: an exponential moving average, a horizontal at $ 10.75, and the point of control as per the volume profile.

He added that with LINK futures open interest increasing as the funding rate of the market decreases, the cryptocurrency is set to continue its ascent.


Chart of LINK's price action since the start of September with analysis by crypto trader Byzantine General (@Byzgeneral on Twitter). Source: LINKUSD from
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How Does LINK Have Such a High Market Cap?

While Chainlink has room to rally in the near term, not everyone is convinced of the recently sat down with Nic Carter of

Today we sit down with @KyleSamani. In this episode:

– Network effects in DeFi
– A retrospective on Multicoin’s EOS thesis
– Current views on BTC and ETH
– What web3 means to Kyle
– Possible breakout web3 applications

— On The Brink (@OnTheBrinkCIV) October 12, 2020

When discussing his views on cryptocurrencies with high market capitalizations, he questioned why LINK has such a high market cap. He specifically used the word “perplexing” to describe what he thinks about Chainlink having a “$ 10 billion market cap.”

Others have echoed this skepticism.

Of note, Chainlink has been seeing increasing fundamental use by a series of contracts and applications on Ethereum. For one, Chainlink’s new Proof of Reserves technology was just adopted by BitGo for Wrapped Bitcoin, a leading DeFi product.

LINK was also recently listed on OKCoin, alongside two other coins, YF Link and

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