TRON [TRX] Test Net Launched – Full Steam Ahead

The long-awaited Tron [TRX] test net has officially launched.

Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, announced the test net launch via periscope, shown above. It happened just a little over an hour ago, and it is the first major step in the team’s roadmap. The Tron team even placed the announcement in Times Square today.

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The Tron foundation seeks to become a decentralized content entertainment platform built on the blockchain. Its ambitious goal is dedicated to hopefully build the infrastructure for a truly decentralized internet. The Tron team seeks to give power back to the creator.

Like many big platforms that we use daily like Youtube, the creators on the platform, YouTube stars, don’t have any say as to how much they can get paid by the platform. While its a very ambitious goal and one that won’t be completed for years, the Tron executives made finding top developers their top priority post-ICO and they’ve done just that.

You can view what the development team had to say about the test net launch, below.

There have been some complaints by crypto investors on how slow the development of the project has taken. Especially since most investors invested in TRX back in early January when it shot up in price. Most new investors that started buying altcoins at the end of 2017, did not do their research on each coin’s projects and roadmaps.

When the market began to correct and drop in mid-January, many began demanding answers and the panic selling in droves began.

Tron’s test net is just the start and a positive step for the Tron team. Most of the market corrected yesterday, but it seems that it has made its way back today.


Last week, in the ramp up to today, TRX jumped nearly 75% in its price. It seems today, however, that some investors have taken their profits from its ramp up and the coin is down.

At press time, TRX is trading at $ 0.037 a coin, down -10.44%, in 24 hours. While many are upset with the price of the coin, as it hit a record high of $ 0.30 a coin back in January, it isn’t an accurate representation of its value price as Tron is only just a test net currently.

This goes for any coin that is currently in its infancy stages, the new “third” generation coins are long holds as their full development will take years – “HODL.”

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